design signifies intent. what are your intentions?


First & foremost, a human being who truly cares about making a positive difference in this life, Ink Pixels Paper is mainly Jen Strickland, but is also a collaboration of experienced, talented creative designers committed to delivering the best possible solutions to your communication needs. For web, I strive to deliver standards-based solutions, based in Plain Old Semantic HTML (POSH), that think about all the users of the site (clients, customers, visitors, and you), and are as search-engine friendly as you might wish. For print, it is all about effectiveness and efficiency. The files are built using the highest production standards and attention to detail. Creativity requires great know-how — don't you think?

If you're interested in seeing more of the corporate work, please, just ask!

  • Jen StricklandInk Pixels Paper really is Jennifer, but this "business" is a new [ad]venture. Years of freelancing through Aquent or other contracts honed a vast repertoire of experience and skills. Endless curiosity leads to ever-expanding potentials, too. At the root of every move, though, is an intense integrity and desire to do right, which translates to providing the best possible solutions for you. The life event that constantly guides her is when she worked with Fugazi on a concert date — it proved to her that her instincts are spot on, and “the man” is not always right. YEAH! Oh, and she's a musician & visual artist, too…
What can I do for you?
Ink Pixels Paper became a real entity in November of 2007 — slowly sorting out what kind of a “business” I want it to be… and developing an identity. And, we're happy to help other entrepreneurs brave the big step. I actually think that is a primary reason for Ink Pixels Paper to exist — to help. It seems that most folks want to launch web sites, and that's great (low impact on the environment, flexibility, etc.), but there's still room to do thoughtful print design. Do you need a web site, stationery, posters, film, sound or some branding help? Ink Pixels Paper has the experience, enthusiasm, skills and integrity to get your project moving. Drop a line, we'll carve out some time.
Occasionally, I work with some other great folks: Annie Smidt, V Design Studio, and New Spin Design.