design signifies intent. what are your intentions?

What’s Happening?

  • 2013 April I’m working on a new app, EZ Tipper, that calculates the tip on a subtotal for you, allowing you to choose the percentage you want. It isn’t done, yet, but is allowing me to learn JavaScript. It also reminds me of my first app, an online version of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. If memory serves, I built it in 2009, and it still works, adapts to viewports, so I’m pleased. Not bad for my very first app!
  • 2013 March It’s been a long time since my last update. I’ve been very busy working in conjunction with others on projects that I don’t believe belong in my Ink Pixels Paper portfolio, because IPP is a small design shop, and these projects were done partnering with larger organizations. I did some cutting-edge assistance with HTML5 and CSS3 for showcase items that didn’t have to support older browsers, which was an amazing experience because a) I worked with a hero of mine, and b) the things CSS can do are truly amazing!
  • I worked on two large healthcare sites and application interfaces that needed to support a broad range of browsers, as well as support Section 508 guidelines. Responsive and adaptive web design kept me busy since the Spring of 2012. Yet, these pieces do not belong in my portfolio here. Please drop me a line if you’d like to see and hear about what I’ve been up to. Exciting stuff, I tell ya!
  • Amy Clarkson website is updated in advance of a couple of gallery shows in the coming months, and Punkvision received a responsive refresh and update. My clients rock! I haven’t told you that, have I?
  • Troy Street Publishing is about to release a book on the mid-century jazz scene in Boston. I helped them with a logo, identity, and stationary suite… a website is in the future.
  • photo of Jen Strickland, web designer/developer living in Cambridge, MA, Nashville, TN, & Chattanooga, TN I guess my news item about Michael Murphy caused some confusion… so I thought I'd clear it up. This is what I look like. Michael wrote about me (see below).
  • photo of Michael Murphy, web designer/developer from Rochester, NY March 2011Rochester, NY, based designer-developer, Michael Murphy interviewed me for his Follow Friday project. We met at Refresh Rochester in the fall of 2010, which I attended to support friends Jonathan Snook and Pete Karl, who were speaking. Michael caught my attention because his Twitter avatar is one of the nicest photographs I've seen on Twitter. Remarkably, it actually looks like him, in-person. He's a really nice guy, approacable, personable, honest, hard-working, generous… and I'll let you judge his talent for yourself. It's nice to see someone recognizes my passion even on the Twittersphere.
  • February 9, 2011 I gave a talk on CSS3 Buttons over at the Microsoft NERD Center for Boston PHP. Okay, I do not want to be a speaker and doing this terrified me to my core, but I made myself do this because I wouldn't know what I know today, if it weren't for speakers, bloggers, and writers, so I gave back. I will continue to do so, because it was rewarding to hear from folks afterwards who didn't know what I shared, were inspired to use some of these techniques, and even get up and speak themselves! We're scheduling a new talk, tbd.
  • Judy Jetson Website Redesign October 2010Judy Jetson Salon just renovated the salon and decided to renovate the website, as well. We just designed and built their first site last year, but it was a rather chaotic design. The new design is more sophisticated, organized, vibrant, while still retaining the well-known edginess that is Judy Jetson.
  • Humanities International Website Design & Development May 2010Humanities International updated their website to reflect the renaming of their partner organization. Elderhostel is now Road Scholar.
  • March 2010 Ink Pixels Paper helped Jon Snook to properly style in IE5/Mac, in response to a challenge from Andy Clarke to spend a day with IE5/Mac and see how your sites do.
  • Thumbnail of Design January 2010 I never enter design competitions. Usually, they require entrance fees and seem so contrived. But, when one of the web design superheroes, Andy Clarke of Stuff and Nonsense in the UK, challenged anyone to design a business card for their own detective agency, to use as samples in his upcoming "Hardboiled" book, it sounded like fun. Real actual fun! I designed quite a few cards, because once I started I realized how much I was learning & really enjoyed it. There were a lot of great entries. I didn't win the top prize of "favorite card", but Andy loved my card and used my design to demonstrate a particular group of new CSS3 features — I am so thrilled! He'll have to change it a bit, so that it is flexible for the demo, though. :( I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the pin, though. I'll also be pushing my upcoming design work further because of what I learned on this.
  • November 2009 Director Tim Claffey needed a mini-site to direct potential clients to his commercial work. He does great work for Ditech, TrueCredit, Cancer Treatment Centers, and Midwest Centers for Stress and Anxiety.
  • August 2009 The Radio Bookmark is now available directly from their online store.
Recent Work
  • I worked with Delta Dental of Virginia on a new interface design & development project, that launched in the fall of 2011. The sad thing is, unless you're one of the subscribers, dentists, employers or administrators, you won't see it. It was an interesting project, working with .NET, MVC3, Razor… and a great team.
  • thumbnail view of the NPLI website redesign August 2011 In 2010, I began work on a website and logo redesign, as well as the templates for case studies, for the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, a joint venture of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Harvard School of Public Health. This project had quite a few constraints, as it had to match the layouts of all the sites under the HSPH and it had to be in Coldfusion. Fortunately, they had Coldfusion developers on staff who put my standards-based HTML & CSS into their templates, with a few modifications from the original design. I learned an awful lot on this project, and can also say that NPLI is an amazing organization and I am humbled by the work they do, while retaining a tremendous sense of humor.
  • photo of Nomad Cambridge new website December 2010 Nomad, a very well-known environmentally and culturally conscious boutique on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, modernized their website. It doesn't look much different, but it will be rank higher in web searches, be much easier to update going forward, and will be more flexible when they are ready to refresh their design. I LOVE this little shop and the staff. I hope you'll stop in & take a peek if you're in the neighborhood.
  • October 2010 The website for Judy Jetson Salon received a renovation to match the new salon interior.
  • June 2010 Ink Pixels Paper redesigned the website for Cambridge Camping.
  • June 2010 Amy Schuyler Clarkson has new business cards amazingly crafted by the talented Em Letterpress. This was a unique project for all parties, since we did a 4-color process letterpress which is an unusual use of letterpress. The results are beautiful!
  • October 2009 Filterfresh Coffee Service worked with Ink Pixels Paper to develop an email blast and then to design and develop a new logo and blog for Filterfresh Nation.
  • September 2009Chicago-based film production house Punkvision received a long-awaited makeover.
  • August 2009 Cambridge painter Amy Schuyler Clarkson launched a gallery website featuring her luscious oils, lively watercolors, and layered sepias.
  • August 2009 Noted economist Chris McHugh has a lot to teach you about economics at Maximize Utility.
  • July 2009 Time-Lag Records just released a reissue of the extremely desirable and hard-to-find Lula Côrtes album, Rosa de Sangue, and Ink Pixels Paper restored the artwork and created the digital files. They look terrific, and are going fast!
  • June 2009 Need to get away? Check out my friend's loft at Mammoth….
    I can build you a site like this for very little money — Get in touch!
  • May 2009 developed training books in conjunction with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Municipal Police Training Committee 2009. Ink Pixels Paper designed and produced the books.
Work in progress
  • One of my dreams came true. I wanted to work for Jeffrey Zeldman and his Happy Cog, but never felt ready to approach them. When I announced my move to Nashville, TN, I was contacted by Aaron Gustafson of Easy Designs, who is actually more in-line with me since we share a very humble, ethical, quality-driven, education-focused, methodology, to work with them. The trial project went fine, and we're working on the next one. I enjoy it, quite a bit, and hope that it will develop into more hours, in time. It is wonderful to work with trusted people with common interests and goals. I'll divulge who soon… I can't wait to get down to Tennesse, again soon. Hot Pickled Okra — Yum!
  • Trachcare is a non-profit organization created to provide support and information to parents, caregivers and healthcare providers of children who have, or previously had, a tracheostomy and children who are on ventilator support. They're working with Ink Pixels Paper to redesign their website and implement an Expression Engine-based content management system.
  • In the spring and early summer of 2010, I worked with New Spin Design on a redesign of the Mass Health Connector interface. It's on indefinite hold because of some glitches. Sad. It's lovely.